Zimmerman Accused of Molestation

Yesterday the state released Witness 9’s statements alleging George Zimmerman molested her for a number of years. Criminal defense attorney Randy Reep comments on whether this will have any impact on the case against Zimmerman.

Zimmerman Jailhouse Calls

Recorded jailhouse calls between George and Shellie Zimmerman resulted in Shellie Zimmerman’s arrest and the increase of George Zimmerman’s bond to $1 milliion. Criminal defense attorney Randy Reep discusses the advice he gives clients and families regarding calls made from jail.

Ads On Cop Cars

Criminal defense attorney Randy Reep is interviewed regarding his proposal to allow advertising on police cars in Jacksonville, Florida.

Zimmerman Passed Lie Detector Test

In this USA Today article criminal defense attorney Randy Reep addresses how the release of the results of the lie detector test taken by George Zimmerman could make it harder for the prosecution to find an unbiased jury. Zimmerman passed lie detector test

Zimmerman Re-Enactment

Criminal Defense Attorney Randy Reep discusses how George Zimmerman’s demeanor during questioning and the reenactment of the shooting of Trayvon Martin may impact how he will be perceived by the jury and how it might influence public opinion.